Salix specializes in project management, utilizing special custom built software. Salix has the capability to efficiently handle a large number of sites, carrying over several years.

Costs can be tracked and reported on monthly, annual, and total basis, as well as for any special required periods. Our reporting system allows program roll-ups to show clients exactly how much sites are costing, what the status is, how much the anticipated costs are, and when the project is expected to be completed, all on one easy to read report.

Detailed project records are available for any individual site at any time.


Salix Resource Management Ltd.

About Us

Reclamation and Construction Supervision Services

Salix brings the ability to handle large-scale programs, as well as a wide variety of reclamation issues. With our extensive agricultural and land backgrounds we provide the ability to work well with both oilfield personnel and landowner. Some of the construction and reclamation services provided are

  • Reclamation certificate Assessments and Applications
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Liability Assessments
  • Reclamation supervision
  • Pre-construction Assessments
  • Lease Build Supervision

Environmental Services

Salix has staff with extensive experience in soil science and range management.  We are well trained and experienced in native plant species identification and management, with over 25+ years experience in management of native rangelands.