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Salix Resource Management Ltd. (Salix) is an environmental and reclamation consulting company serving the oil and gas, commercial and natural resource sectors throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Salix has extensive upstream oil and gas environmental assessment experience working on forested, cultivated, and grassland sites.

Salix engages with clients, regulators, and the community to reduce environmental liability by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to global challenges.


Successful and sustainable resource management requires the integration of a breadth of skills, experience and knowledge. Our team of highly trained, experienced consultants and technicians provides quality results through careful planning, analysis and follow up. We strive to provide our services in a timely, proficient and professional manner.

Reclamation and Construction Supervision Services

Through our contacts with third party contract consultants and specialists, Salix brings the ability to handle large-scale programs, as well as a wide variety of reclamation issues. With our extensive agricultural and land backgrounds we provide the ability to work well with both oilfield personnel and landowners. Some of the construction and reclamation services provided are:

  • Reclamation Certificate Assessments and Applications
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Remediation
  • Environmental Liability Assessments
  • Pre-reclamation Assessments
  • Pre-construction Assessments
  • Construction and Reclamation Supervision

Environmental Services

Our contacts with third party contract consultants and specialists also enable Salix to handle a wide variety of environmental issues. We bring an extensive experience in managing and carrying out environmental assessments on large, ongoing oil and gas projects. We have completed in excess of 250 pre-screening reports under the Canadian Environmental Assessments Act, as well as cumulative impact assessments.

  • Soil and Water Sampling
  • Vegetation Management
  • IOGC Audits
  • Wetland Assessments
  • Soil Surveys
  • Vegetation and Wildlife Surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s)
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Pre-Screening Reports
  • Conservation & Reclamation Plans (C & R’s)

Wildlife Management and Mitigation Services

 We provide a range of wildlife management and technical services, working closely with clients to develop pertinent wildlife mitigation strategies tailored to their project at hand while ensuring provincial and federal regulatory requirements are met and compliant permits are obtained.

From conducting amphibian translocation programs and creating wildlife deterrence systems during environmental spill response activities to providing migratory bird sweeps prior to oil and gas disturbances aimed to prevent incidental take, our decision making is based on sound scientific principles and practical industry experience. We combine our wildlife expertise with our in-depth knowledge of site specific regulatory requirements in the oil and gas industry to provide effective solutions and mitigation options.

Services are provided by experienced Professional Biologists registered with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists.

  • Wildlife Management and Mitigation
  • Wildlife Sweeps and Habitat Assessments
  • Migratory Bird and Nest Sweeps including songbird point counts
  • Amphibian visual surveys for adult and juvenile amphibians, eggs, and larvae
  • Amphibian translocation
  • Nocturnal amphibian call surveys
  • Environmental Review Form and Reporting- First Nations Lands
  • Environmental Impact Assessments- Private/Public lands

Indigenous Partnership and Training 

“At the centre of these partnerships is the mutual interest in developing a trained workforce and improving the partner First Nation’s capacity to influence land management in their traditional territory. 

As a licensed ECO Canada BEAHR trainer we can offer this training directly to First Nation communities on behalf of ECO Canada. Further, based on our success in delivering their courses we have presented on behalf of ECO Canada to train prospective trainers from other groups and organizations. ECO Canada’s training division maintains and administers the BEAHR training programs which are culturally relevant, skills-based environmental training programs for Indigenous learners. Each short-term program is community-based, employment focused and inclusive of Indigenous culture and local knowledge, and can be tailored to specific community interests while offering practical field experience.

Through our partnerships we can, in turn, provide employment to the program graduates to work in various capacities through the environmental site assessment, remediation and reclamation process. 

This collaboration with the scientists and community members creates a unique cross-cultural approach. Working together, we provide an integrated approach to land management, environmental stewardship, and traditional knowledge on the First Nation’s traditional territory. The results of this partnership include innovative solutions for our clients and a sustainable business model that respects traditional values.”

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