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Salix Resource Management Ltd. Fire Fighting near Empress

During the summer, our field crews reside close to their work areas in Eastern Alberta. This area is extremely dry, and the fire risk is always high. For this reason, our Trucks and ATVs are always equipped with firefighting equipment.

We are all recharged and ready for a great 2023 work year. 

Salix Resource Management Ltd. 2022 Staff Christmas party dinner

SALIX Christmas party 2022

SALIX Resource Management Ltd. wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year in 2023!!!

It was a great day yesterday for the Salix crew at the Old's College career fair.

Salix Resource Management Ltd. Trail Camera Images

It's a good day to share photos captured by one of our game cameras.

This photo comes from one of our staff during the late summer months this field season.

The coolers are filling up with samples ready for lab analysis!

Salix Resource management Ltd. Grass Plug project


In southern Alberta one of the biggest limiting factors for reclamation is moisture. Being so dry, there is a small amount of seed germination each year on sites being reclaimed.

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As a result of our strategic partnerships and alliances, Salix is able to offer more flexibility, staffing and a broad environmental expertise to serve customers throughout Alberta.


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