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During the summer, our field crews reside close to their work areas in Eastern Alberta. This area is extremely dry, and the fire risk is always high. For this reason, our Trucks and ATVs are always equipped with firefighting equipment.

This year in September during the peak of the dry season, some of our staff in the area noticed smoke in the distance. They followed the smoke and were the first on scene at a wildfire just north of the town of Empress. Our staff with their equipment were able to minimize the growth of the fire until fire crews arrived. Even then, our staff continued to assist for the remainder of the afternoon as our ATV’s allowed access into places the fire trucks could not go. The blaze was under control later in the day.

This was an opportunity to put our emergency response skills and firefighting training to the test. We are very proud of our staff for their efforts in controlling this fire and for the positive relationships they are developing with the communities that host us during our field season. We hope to continue to build this relationship in the future. Great work.


Fire Fighting Near Empress

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